About Us

We the founders of V The Seed started this venture in order to solve one major problem.

We started as activist working with The Seed Foundation and went around telling people how veganism is a better lifestyle so that we have a cruelty free world, a healthier environment and healthy physical conditions.

Cruelty against animals is a something that is very normal these days and it happens behind closed doors, Hence people are okay with this non vegan lifestyle and it feels normal. However our motive is to change that.

Its not about us telling people to listen to us because we are right but because those animals have a right to live.

So when we went around doing this activism work people really wanted to make a change and try the vegan lifestyle. But they faced some problems like; vegan products aren't easily available, vegan products are expensive and only affordable by upper middle class section, etc.

So we wanted to solve this problem and create a solution for people in order to change lives for good.

So we decided to come up with a business venture known as V THE SEED.

We are an online Vegan mart that provides you with a variety of vegan products & services

OUR VISION is to create awareness towards a cruelty free world and plant seeds in people's head so that they change for a better tomorrow.

OUR MISSION is to make vegan products available in abundance so that people have a wide variety to choose from with a product fitting into every price category, so that people from every economic and social background can avail our products as well as services.